5 Reasons You Should Run with Others

Hi everyone!

Saturday I met up with the Capital Striders and ran my long run for this week – 11 miles! It turned out to be a hectic morning starting with no breakfast, forgetting my Cliff energy chews and having a hard time getting out of my parking ramp – all before 7 am! But, I finally made it and got my 11 miles in. It was a beautiful morning, perfect running weather, and I didn’t stop and walk at all. Quite an accomplishment! I met a fellow runner that was doing about my pace at mile 8 and we ran the rest of the way together, chatting about our St. Louis(ish) roots and our running goals. Man it made the time fly by!

I’ve heard varying opinions about running with others; some like it, some would prefer to run solo. Here are my two cents: I absolutely LOVE running with one or more people! I understand the other side of the argument to an extent – the whole “its my time to think” or “I don’t want to feel like I have to compete” – BUT, I’m going to give you 5 reasons why running with other is awesome:

  1. Your Running Buddies WILL Hold You Accountable :
    Face it – there are days when you don’t feel like doing anything. That’s when you get an email from your running partner saying, “Let’s Do This – 5 miles!” You surely can’t let her down, so – even though you would rather be sitting on your couch eating potato chips – you go run and you are glad you did.
  2. You Will Push Yourself Harder:
    Who doesn’t like some friendly competition? Even though you thought today you might take it easy, you can’t let your running partner beat you right?
  3. It’s a Great Social Hour:
    Although happy hour with a few beers comes in a VERY close 2nd, running with friends is even better. You get to catch up, gossip and exercise all at the same time!
  4. You Could Solve the Problems of the World:
    Running gets those creative juices flowing and bouncing ideas off one another can be really helpful. When I used to run during my lunch hour with some coworkers, we always used that time for brainstorming or solving some issue.
  5. You Make Life-Long Friends:
    Running brings people close than they would have ever imagined. I know I have formed some great friendships with my running buddies that will last forever.

So – Give it a try – call up a friend or ask around to find a running group or club!


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