Getting Back on Track

Hi Everyone!

Well this weekend was full of a lot of fun including my dad and his friend Mike coming to town, a night a Prairie Meadows, the Iowa State Fair and a Journey concert (Yes! My dad is wearing a Journey t-shirt!). I even tried some new fair food – the fried pickle dawg – a pickle wrapped in ham & cream cheese and then fried, yum!

Bad news is –  running wasn’t in my schedule, so I’m really going to have to ramp it up this week:

Monday – 6 miles

Tuesday – 4 miles

Wednesday – 4 miles

Friday – 14 miles (I’m going to try this one on my own since I have a kickball tournament Saturday morning. eeek!)

So – I truly believe its ok to miss a run or two every once in a while – sometimes it even helps – just make sure you don’t let it derail your whole plan. Just pick up where you left off – no big deal!

Hope everyone’s running/fitness goes great this week!


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