A Great Training Run Turned Bad

Hi All!

Last night I was so excited to get out for a 6 mile run since I didn’t put my running shoes on all weekend. I wanted it to be really great so I decided to wait until about 7 pm so it would be nice and cool. I actually even took my headphones with me and plugged into the hip hop & pop workout station on Pandora. I hadn’t run with headphone in over a year and it was kind of fun jamming out to David Guetta, Flo Rida, and Rihanna among others.

I took my familiar path from my apartment to Gray’s Lake, one loop around and back home! This is probably my favorite route – an easy 6 miles with only one hill coming out of Gray’s onto MLK. I was feeling great, running at about 9:45/mile tempo (which is quite good for me!). All the little kids on their tricycles taking up the whole path and then almost running into you weren’t even bothering me. I was excited to break an hour for a 6.2 (10K) run, which is my goal for the Hy-Vee Triathlon that I am doing the running portion of Labor Day weekend.

After I climbed the one hill of my run, I was on the home stretch. Only one more mile to go – that was when it happened – my feet got tangled somehow and I fell face first. I honestly didn’t even know what was going on for a good 2 minutes. I just sat there on the edge of the grass trying to comprehend what just happened. My hands were burning and a little scraped, my thigh hurt and my left ankle wasn’t feeling too great. After sitting there for a couple of minutes, a car pulled up and asked it I was ok. They had apparently seen the whole thing – great. I told them I was ok and just had a mile to walk home.

After that I guess I decided I wasn’t so great and called my boyfriend, Eric. I don’t really remember what I said but I was crying, embarrassed and sore. He left his parents to come rescue me. In the meantime, I kept walking home and called my mom to hopefully not think about my injuries as much. By the time Eric picked me up I was much more calm. So I went home, poured hydrogen peroxide on my hands and legs and cleaned up.

Today I’m pretty sore, mostly just my thigh that I landed on, the scrapes on my hands are barely visible anymore. I am so grateful that is all that happened. It could have been much worse. I could have my foot in a cast right now and not be able to run for months! BUT – I’m ok, I’m going to get back out there today. This wasn’t my first running wipe out and it won’t be my last.

Happy Running!


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