Getting Geared Up for a Solo(ish) LONG Run!

Hi everyone!

Hope your week is going well! My training runs have been … difficult … this week, but I have still managed to get out there and finish (even if I did end up walking a little). I don’t know what is going on with my body this week, but it seems like it hates running.

Today I am going to have a great run though (this is what I keep telling myself)! I am scheduled to do a 14-miler and I can’t run tomorrow morning with the Capital Striders because I will be on the kickball field at 8 am for the Brinks Charity Kickball Tournament! whoo hoo! We’ll see how sore I am tomorrow morning from this run. I might not be too much help to my team ;). Anyway, my awesome running buddy, Jeni, agreed to run 6 of my 14 miles with me tonight which I am so grateful for. I think I will bring some music along to get through the last 8 by myself.

Fourteen miles will be the longest I have EVER run! Eeeeek! I am super nervous, but trying to think positively about this challenge, because my mileage is only going to keep going up in the next month or so. Physically I know I can do it…it’s the mental part that trips up most runners. So today is a day of happy thoughts and motivation. Please send me lots of good vibes!

I’ll fill you in later to how it goes. Happy Friday and Keep Running!


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