My First Triathlon

Hi everyone!

So Sunday I ran in my first triathlon as part of a relay team. I was really excited to experience all the craziness that goes along with triathlons and it didn’t disappoint. Being a runner, I guess I expected it to be like any race that I’ve ever done – you show up and run. Well it wasn’t quite that simple. To start off, every participant had to attend a mandatory race briefing at the expo either Friday or Saturday. Then they put a wristband on you that you had to wear until the tri was over (ugh).

We needed to be at Grays Lake by 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, which I was expecting, because you always have to get to races early. I woke up at 5 and did my usual pre-race ritual, including chugging 4 glasses of water, eating a banana, and going to the bathroom about 3 times before I headed out the door. Jenny came and picked Paul and I up and we headed to Grays. Everything went pretty smoothly once we got there. We found Jenny’s bike and the transition area that we had to wait in (it was literally like they herded us in like cattle in a little tiny space).

Paul didn’t get into the water until almost 8 am and from then on it was just a waiting game. I knew I would have to wait around, but I guess I really didn’t realize how long I would have to wait. By about 10:30 a.m. I was getting really antsy waiting for Jenny to get back from the bike portion. It turns out she fell twice and had some complications with her bike – eeeek!

I finally headed out for the running portion about 10:40. By this time, the sun was out in full blast! The course was pretty boring – an in and out into water works and then back by Grays up to the Capitol. There were seriously stretches of the course were I wouldn’t see ANYONE (not even a runner) for more than half a mile. At 5.8 miles, I knew I was almost done, but had the one and only hill to climb to make it to the finish line. I made it up and sprinted through the finish. I even had an awesome crowd of friends waiting for me at the finish line to cheer me on. I met my goal time and finished the 10K in 59 min!

All in all the my first tri was a pretty good experience. It was a lot more complicated than showing up for a run but definitely worth it. Who know, maybe someday I’ll even do the whole thing on my own. 🙂

Keep Running!


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