My Social Life is Interrupting My Running – Or is it the Other Way Around?

Hi everyone!

So tomorrow is the BIG game, Iowa vs. Iowa State, also known as Iowa’s Superbowl. Although I don’t particularly care which team wins, it is fun to take part in all of this rivalry. For example, I am currently wearing an Iowa State tattoo on my forehead that I was forced to wear at work since someone decided that would be funny. It actually is pretty funny haha. People get serious when it comes to rivalries like this. I know I hate the Jayhawks as much as a Cyclone hates the Hawkeyes, so I get it!

Anyway – tomorrow I am taking a party bus with 30 of my closet friends (HAHA who are we kidding I don’t have 30 friends! Actually my friend Jeni coordinated, she has 30 friends.) to Iowa City to tailgate for the game. Since the bus will be leaving Des Moines at approximately 6 a.m., I’m not going to be able to get my 16 mile run in tomorrow morning. So, I’m going to have to settle for tonight.

I am super nervous 1. because I have to do it alone, 2. it just started raining outside and is cold and windy, and 3. I won’t have the lovely water stops that the Capital Striders so kindly provide on Saturday mornings. I seriously couldn’t sleep last night. But I guess I need to take my own advice and break up my work out so it won’t look so daunting. It is really only 8 miles in and 8 miles out, right? I did 8 miles yesterday no problem. It was actually a really great run with Jeni and Shelby on the Greenbelt Trail. We even saw 3 deer just chilling by the side of the trail. BUT – they are wild animals, you never know what they could do to you. That makes me a little nervous while venturing out by myself, so I WILL be bringing my phone with me for music and protection.

So I’m going to think positive thoughts for the rest of the day. If you have any extra positivity please send it too – it will be much appreciated! Wish me luck!

Keep Running!


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