Running with Kiwi, Friends, and Strangers

Hey everyone,

I know its been awhile since a wrote – I had a lot of good runs last week, just no motivation to write. I knew I needed to ease into the week since I didn’t have a very good week before that. So I decided to take my pup, Kiwi, with me on a short 4 mile run. She loved getting out there but by mile 3, I was literally dragging her along. She was exhausted when we got home and even crawled under the covers to rest (how cute!) Here is a pic of her lay down to rest after we got home.

I had a really great 5 mile run with Shelby and Jeni on Wednesday. It was cool out and made for perfect running weather. It seems very natural, almost easy! I finished up my short runs on Thursday at Grays Lake with a 8 mile run. Since I didn’t have my running buddies, my wonderful boyfriend hung around Grays and provided me with a water break about every 2-3 miles. I made it through by myself – thanks to the weather, Eric, and a better mental state.

FINALLY- Saturday came – my 17 mile run. I met the Capital Striders at Grays at 7 am and headed out for a cool run. At about mile 5, I started running with 2 fellow Striders that carried me almost the rest of the way. One was an older lady who was such a rockstar runner. She had recently ran a 50 mile race in Springfield, MO AND was the 4th woman to finish! Crazy inspiring! The other runner was a middle-aged guy who after a couple attempts at training for a marathon was trying again. We talked almost the rest of the run and I even kept up with their 9:30 pace until about mile 14! I was amazed I could keep up when I usually am running a 10:30 pace by that point. It turned out to be a really great run. I was really sore and tired when I finished but the important thing is – I finished!

Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.

                                                                                            – Steve Prefontaine

Have a great week everyone! Keep Running!


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