It’s My Birthday and I’ll Run if I Want To!

Hey everyone,

I am itching to get outside today for the September Fat Tire Run at El Bait Shop! It is so beautiful outside and I need to run off all the good food I’ve eaten today for my birthday. I’ll break it down for you:

  • Piece of toast before leaving for work
  • Panera bagel with cream cheese – courtesy of my boss 🙂
  • Buttered noodles with chicken from Noodles & Co. – courtesy of Eric
  • 2 chocolate chip cookies – courtesy of my coworker
  • Anticipatory food/drink: 2-3 “good” beers from El Bait Shop 🙂 and a good birthday dinner

So there you have it — Yes, I NEED to run! My day has been full of carbs, yummy carbs. I haven’t run since Saturday so I’m really excited to get in at least 4 miles tonight before my celebratory beers.

What the best birthday present of all — a great RUN!

Keep Running!


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