3 Steps to Fend Off a Charging Deer

Hey everyone,

Hope your week is going great. I’ve had 2 successful runs this week and looking forward to two more. Now I’m assuming you want to know what is up with the title to this post, right? Well let me tell you about the deer run in that Olivia and I had last night.

I was on the prowl for running buddies yesterday and Olivia came to my rescue! She wanted to meet up at the Greenbelt Trail after work. I was pretty pumped for the run since I’ve only had to do short runs this week it’s been VERY relaxing. So we got going at about 5:15 p.m. for a 4 mile run. It was a little chilly, but once we got going it was the perfect running weather.

This time of year there are a lot of critters out, especially on this highly-wooded trail: squirrels, birds, bugs, and lots of deer. Our first encounter of the night with deer was watching about 3 of them jump over a stream back into the secluded woods. It was so pretty and far enough away where I was comfortable to keep running. Our second encounter was a little more scary with a doe standing only about 3 feet from us. It was so close to the trail. We stopped running because it was just standing there staring at us. Olivia had once heard that if you put your arms in the air and stare back they will leave you alone. So that’s what we did. Of course we both felt a little ridiculous, but – hey – we didn’t want to get head-butted by a deer.

When we were about 1.5 miles from the end of our run we had our third and final deer encounter. This time there were 2 of them and they were even closer than the one before. Olivia and I stopped dead in our tracks and tried the whole arms in the air thing again. They just continued to stare. I don’t think we could have been staring at them for too long but it felt like an hour. The next thing I know Olivia and I were holding hands with our arms up, slowly walking away. If anyone would have seen us they would have thought we were crazy. I know it probably looked ridiculous but the whole arms in the air idea was a better one than I had – which was that I didn’t have one.

We finally got around a bend so we could no longer see the deer and we picked up our pace on the way back. It was definitely a little scary having those strong animals so close to you. Since this experience I decided to research what one should actually do in this sort of situation. The first thing I ran across what this Yahoo answers. Which I find hysterical. Some of the suggestions include to “yell BOO really loud”, “climb a tree”, or “buy a rifle”. Hmmm…yes I do believe I will carry a rifle around with me on my runs from now on.

I also found this gem on ehow.com on How to Fend Off a Charging Deer. But – as silly as some of this stuff might be, I guess I would probably try it if I were ever in this situation again. I think for tonight I’ll steer clear of this trail though.

Keep Running!


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