A Week Full of Marathon Motivation!

Hi everyone!
Hope your week is going great! Mine is going slowly, in anticipation for Sunday!

I have had some great surprises this week courtesy of my awesome team at work! Monday there was a whole fruit tray and 7 water bottles at my desk and they decorated my cube with running posters – some inspirational, some hilarious! Here is a little sampling –

Tuesday I arrived to work to find a veggie tray! Also, throughout the day, myco-workers brought me waterbottles with custom made labels. If you can’t see, some of the labels read: Run Faster Juice – Exclusively for first-time marathoners, Jinx Juice-Des Moines Marathon 10/21/12, Definitely Not Vodka-Marathon Runner Juice, and iRun Brand Water-Helping runners push through to the finish. Love it!

Today I have popcorn! And more waterbottles! What a thoughtful thing for my co-workers to do for me! Couldn’t have asked for anything better.

The race is less than 5 days away. The question I have been asked the most is – Are you excited? I don’t think excited is the adjective to describe how I’m feeling. I would probably use a combination of anxious, nervous, worried. I am really looking forward to my mom and sister to get here Friday night though! Hopefully that will calm my nerves a little.

Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration, & inspiration.

Happy Running!


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