I’m Headed to San Francisco

Hi everyone!

Yes! That’s right! I’m going to San Francisco. Doesn’t the name just sound inspiring? Like some far off land where anything is possible. I happen to believe it does, so that’s why I chose this city as my next half marathon (well – mostly because I want to see my best friend, Erynn :)). I’m bound to meet my sub 2 hour half marathon goal in a place called San Francisco, right? At first I thought – no way! San Francisco is known for hill after hill after hill. There is no way I can PR on such tough terrain.logo-SF

I also knew if I didn’t plan something then I would never make it out to visit my dear friend. Signing up for a race is a great way to make a commitment, so I start researching dates May-June 2013. Low and behold I found what looks like a FUN (and FLAT!) race. The Divas Half Marathon is May 5, 2013. It is a race totally catered to women. This includes:

  • 2 day Health & Fitness Boutique
  • Feather boa station and tiara stop on the course
  • Blinged out medals at the finish line
  • Roses and champagne at the finish line

And most importantly – running with a bunch of inspiring awesome women! After deciding this would be the spring race that I will sign up for, I started on my training plan right away. This time, I didn’t pick a beginner’s plan. If I want to reach my 2 hour goal, I need to step up my training – including hill and tempo runs.

So far, my race experience has been limited to Iowa and Missouri, so I’m excited to add California to the list, even if I’m only if I’m a California girl for the weekend. 😉

Anyone else have any cool racing they are signing up for this spring?

Keep Running!

Enthusiasm releases the drive to carry you over obstacles and adds significance to all you do. -Norman Vincent Peale


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