The Dreadmill

Hi everyone!
It is officially week 1 of my half marathon training. Although I have been working out, I haven’t been running much. So far, this week has been painful. I remember when 3 miles was easy – a short run. The past two days have not been easy. They’ve been hard. Very hard.
Part of the reason the start of my running season has gotten off to a slow start is the lovely Midwest weather. A total of 5-9 inches of snow has fallen today with no sight of reprieve anytime soon. 
You know what that means…The Dreadmill. Yes, treadmill isn’t in my vocabulary as I dread running in place with no destination in sight. I’ve tried turning on the TV or focusing on things other than those little digital numbers staring at me in the face. Nothing works.
I ran across an article in Runner’s World that nailed my sentiments on the head: “The Caveman at the Gym“. This article explains some reasons that people dread the treadmill.
Although we usually don’t have to run to travel anymore, it is still disheartening not to have a destination. It sounds silly to run in place for an extended period of time for fun.
I try to avoid the dreadmill at all costs, but in 5+ inches of snow there isn’t many other options.
Keep warm and keep running!
Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow. – Doug Firebaugh

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