Ways to Find Time to Work Out

Hi everyone!

Hope your week is going well. I have been busy busy! I am currently knee-deep into my first semester of my MBA, so life has been hectic. It has been extremely hard to find the time to run these days and I know a lot of you feel the same way! I hear it from co-workers, family, and friends. Everyone is busy!

That is why I literally try to sneak in a “work out” whenever I can. Maybe you can find a way to make these work for you too:

  • I take the stairs at work. I work on the third floor. Each day I make myself walk up and down instead of taking the elevator. Maybe this might not work for some of you who work on the 15th floor of a building, but how about taking the stairs half way or even a fourth of the way? Trust me, it’s hard at first but it does get better!
  • I get up from my desk every hour to walk around. This doesn’t have to be a long walk, sometimes I just walk to the bathroom or the copy room, but getting up once an hour really helps your concentration as well as your health!
  • I stay active while volunteering. I love volunteering! I currently volunteer on a regular basis for two different organizations and I make sure stay active while doing what I love. I coach Girls on the Run where I lead by example and get to exercise with a group of 3-5th graders a couple times a week. Make your hobby active. Be creative. I’m sure you can find a way!
  • I clean while watching TV. Very rarely do I actually sit down while I’m watching TV. Sure I have “my shows” that I watch on a regular basis just like everyone else, but I make sure I’m still moving. I fold laundry while standing, sweep my floor, or even drop and do some sit ups. What ever works!
  • I take a 10 minute run over no run. If I’m crunched for time (which I usually am), I still try to do some sort of run, even if it’s only a mile. My sister really inspired me by her lenten promise: to do some sort of work out every day, no matter how small. She told me that sometimes she is so tired she doesn’t feel like doing anything. Then she thinks ok I CAN do 10 minutes of abs. A quick search on Pinterest for a 10 min ab workout and 10 minutes later she is done! You can do a little something everyday.

What are your secrets for sneaking in work outs??

Keep Running!


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