Are you Ready for Swimsuit Season? Ekkk!

Yikes! VS Swim Edition is Here!

Hi everyone!

Well if signing up for a race doesn’t get your butt out on the trail, swimsuit season will! I started getting swimsuit catalogs in the mail last week. You know when you start to get those you better get your butt in gear or you will be covered up head to toe all summer long. I’ve always said fear is the best motivator, right?

So like always, I make a plan. I really needed to get on pace with my half marathon training. I busted out 8 miles last night and have big plans to do 9 this weekend. Of course, the farthest I have run in my training up until last night was 5.5 miles, so I felt sick after my run. It’s literally like you have a hangover, which I assume meant I was dehydrated. I wasn’t prepared for an 8 mile run. I didn’t have enough water, or any Gatorade or Cliff Blocks. I felt miserable. But, I will be prepared this weekend!

Second – I started using MyFitnessPal again. Yes, it is horrible putting everything you eat into this app, but – bottom line – it works. You think you kind of know how many calories you eat in a day – but you don’t. It is crazy how little we all need to consume! 🙂 The good thing is, if I run, I get to eat more – which is awesome! I have seen running head bands that say “I Run to Eat” and I totally feel like that most of the time.

This is where it gets tricky though – when you up your mileage you are instantly more hungry. All the fitness magazines tell me that you really don’t need that many more calories when you exercise – but why is my body telling me something different? It doesn’t make sense to me, but I guess you just have to find that happy medium.

Good luck getting swimsuit ready and keep running!


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