11 Mile Tribute to Boston


Hi everyone!

Flags at Half Staff

I started my weekend with a great 11 mile run in tribute to Boston and in celebration of the capture of suspect #2 last night. How great is the all of the law enforcement and medical personal in Boston – right? It was so great to watch everyone cheering for them after the capture. Truly heroic.

Crowd at Boston Run

The Des Moines running community paid tribute this morning with a 6 mile Solidarity Run. We started by gathering at 7:30 at Nollen Plaza. The flags were at half staff and people milled around awaiting the run. It was very cool how many people showed up. There were experienced runners, beginners, old, young, dogs, strollers, and everyone in between. I saw people with Boston Marathon jackets on and others who improvised and made their own outfits to show their support for Boston.

There was a moment of silence followed by the playing of the national anthem. This was not an official race, so there were no roads closed or race support. The announcer talked a little about the route we would be running and made sure we knew that this wasn’t an official race, so we would need to stay on the sidewalks and obey all of the traffic rules.

Prayers & SupportThis quickly was forgotten as runners took off. The crowd herded down 2nd street and then on to MLK. As I ran by the announcer, she threw up her hands like there was no stopping  everyone from taking over the streets. It was pretty awesome to see so many runners showing their support. The 6 mile loop went all way down MLK and veered into Grays Lake. After running half way around Grays Lake we continued on the Meredith Trail that runs behind Principal Park and then back to Nollen Plaza. As we approached the finish, there were dozens of fellow runners cheering us on and thanking us for coming out. What a great tribute to our fellow runners on the East Coast.

Shelby, Jeni and I still had some more miles to get in for this week’s long run -Shelby and Jeni needed 2 more and I needed to get in 5 more miles. We ran through the finish of the Solidarity Run and kept going. I finished another 2 with my running buddies and again kept running to get to my total of 11 miles. I was tired at this point and getting hot. I dressed very warmly as it was only about 30 degrees when I started at 7:30. As I was finishing it had warmed up about 10 degrees, which is a lot when you are already hot from running. I finished strong and was very proud of myself for getting through the last 3 miles by myself.

I’m feeling lucky this morning to be a part of the Des Moines running community. There isn’t any better way to tribute runners than to run.

Keep Running!

Pray for Boston


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