Do or Don’t?: Traveling to Races

You know your a runner...Hi everyone!

I thought that having a month off school would give me tons of time to run and blog and clean the house…haha. Well I was sure mistaken about that! I have been on break for a little over a week now and I feel busier than ever. There is always something, right?

As I have preparing for my trip to San Francisco this week for the Diva Half Marathon, I ran across a collage of “You know you’re a runner when…” quotes from Fitness magazine. A lot of them resonated with me, but this one stuck out more than the others, “You know you’re a runner when…you schedule vacations around races.” I thought that’s too funny because I schedule my races so I can have a vacation.

In the past couple of years, I have made sure to make it home to run a race in my hometown  St. Louis. Of course the races were awesome, but I also got to visit my family and friends while I was in town. The same thing crossed my mind when my college friend asked me to come visit her in San Fransisco. Not that going out there to visit her isn’t enough, but it seems in my mind I can justify the expense if I also schedule a race. So that is what I did – I signed up for the Divas Half Marathon and bought my plane ticket to SF. So not only do I get to run a new race in a different state, I get to hang with one of friends for a couple of days.

I have read many articles on the pros and cons of traveling to a race versus doing one close to home and I have always been torn on the issue myself. I guess I will get another taste of traveling to a race this weekend and report back!

Keep Running!


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