Beware of Bees

Hi everyone!

Hope your running is going well now that the Midwest weather has decided to cooperate and finally feel like summer. I haven’t been doing as much running since Dam to Dam, but instead started Crossfit last week with my friend Jeni. I think I’ve been sore for 2 week straight. No joke.

I visited my hometown of Valmeyer, IL over the weekend and my sisters and I decided to go on a run Friday afternoon. My little sister, Laura, wanted to show me the Salt Lick Point Trail near my house, so we took off to check it out. A little back story here:

Valmeyer was flooded in 1993 – when I was in kindergarten. Everything was swept away or ruined. A couple of years later, we rebuilt the town on top of the bluffs to prevent the town from flooding again. Valmeyer BluffsThe Salt Lick Point Trail didn’t exist when I lived at home, but since then – from what I’ve heard – the boy scouts built this trail that starts on top of the bluff in Valmeyer and ends at the bottom.

Man! This trail was tough! I’m not a huge trail runner, but this one got me. The water was up pretty high too, so that added to the difficulty level.

Salt Lick Point Trail

After about 1.5 miles, we finally made it down the bluff. Kelly, Laura, and I sat down on a bench to rest for a couple of minutes before heading back up. If I thought the way down was challenging, it was nothing compared to climbing back up. It was nice knowing that it was only 1.5 miles though and not a 7 mile trek.

Toward the end of the run – I got stung by a bee! Ahhh! If you know me, I complained about it the rest of the way. Would “thecomplainingrunner” have it any other way? 🙂

By the time we got home, I was sweaty, itchy and my bee sting still hurt. Would I do it again? Of course. It was beautiful, challenging and a great switch up to my normal road runs. Get out of your comfort zone every now and then. It’s totally worth it!

Keep running!


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