My Last Des Moines Run…For Now

Hi everyone!

Well this post is LONG overdue. I have had some major changes in my life that have kept me away from this blog for WAY too long! So here it is:

As of 2 weeks ago – I am a resident of West Palm Beach, Florida! Crazy! Eric took a job in Jupiter, FL so we decided to pick up everything and live the beach life for awhile.

Here is the outside of our new place!
Here is the outside of our new place!

So as you might guess, for the past 2 weeks, I have been packing, driving, unpacking, etc. I had some awesome friends and family in Des Moines that helped me pack up my apartment and load it into a 16′ Penske trunk. Then my wonderful mother and I drove the Penske and my Civic 1,500 miles from Des Moines, Iowa to West Palm Beach, Florida. We made it without any car trouble, so I call that a success!

Unpacking once we got into West Palm Beach was little more difficult as it was only Eric, my mom and I unloading everything. Although I was sore the better half of a week, we did it. Eric and I are still finding the right place for everything but it is coming along great!

My Last Des Moines Run

Before I left, I made sure to get a run in with the best running buddies a girl could ask for on one of our favorite trails. Now, none of us has really been keeping our mileage up, but we did get 3 miles in, and of course, the company was much better than the hot, humid run itself.

I really cannot put into words what these girls have helped me accomplish. Our lunch runs or after works runs were always something to look forward to. I have come to terms that I may never find running buddies like them again.

These girls are awesome! From Right: Olivia, Kelly, Shelby, Stacy, Jeni - 2012 Des Moines IMT Marathon/Half Marathon
These girls are awesome!
From Right: Olivia, Kelly, Shelby, Stacy, Jeni –
2012 Des Moines IMT Marathon/Half Marathon

Jeni and I ran our first half marathon together and our first Dam to Dam together. We slowly coaxed Shelby into our running madness. We ran her first Dam to Dam with her and we all ran our first trail run together (Sycamore 8). They were there for me throughout my marathon training last year as they both did the half. They even stuck around the extra 2-3 hours after they finished to watch me finish.

I love these girls! I will dearly miss their company and encouragement, but I know we will run together again – maybe a race in Florida this time! 🙂

I am looking forward to recounting my running experience here in Florida – where I won’t have to wear 4 layers to run in December — YES! Great things are going to happen here. I just know it.

Keep Running!


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