Oh, the humidity!

Hi everyone,

Well it’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve been in Florida. Up until yesterday, I have running in my little gated community – either on the treadmill or on the 1.7 mile track around the gates. It is a pretty nice track and very convenient. I have even been taking the dogs on some of these “close-to-home” runs. It’s always a little harder to run with them, but you can tell they love to run just as much as I do!

On these runs, there are so many different creatures that I didn’t see in the Midwest. In Iowa there were deer, squirrels and geese, but here in Florida it is quite different. There are these tiny little lizard looking things that race across the sidewalks so fast you hardly even see them. These are Opal’s favorite to chase. We have even had a couple in the house! Ekkk! There is also a little lake that is the home of many ducks and exotic looking birds. And this is just on the 1.7 mile track around my community! Who knows what else I’ll run into when I leave the gates!

Drawbridge opened in West Palm Beach

I have been trying to run early or late in the day because the humidity is so horrible, but even then I feel like I can hardly breathe the air is so thick. I felt as if I just ran 10 miles after running a short 3 at 8 o’clock in the evening. I thought it would be late enough, but I was wrong. I think the humidity was the same as it was at noon that day!

Yesterday I wanted to get in a 4 mile run, so I got up at 8 a.m. and headed to downtown West Palm Beach for a run along the intercoastal. It was such a beautiful run full of yachts and palm trees. I even got to see the drawbridge go up for a boat. It was the first time that I seen a drawbridge go up, and it was pretty cool to see the road literally split in two to let one boat go through.

Although the scenery was beautiful, man was it humid. Even at 8 in the morning the humidity level was at 74%. Ugh. I only made it 3 miles in before I couldn’t go even further. I guess 6 a.m. runs are in my future? I am anxiously waiting cooler weather.

Stay cool and keep running!


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