Run #2: My favorite city, the biggest fans, and that darn hill

My second race of the year was the IMT Des Moines Half Marathon in Des Moines, IA. Most of you know that I lived in Des Moines for about 3 years and it holds a very special place in my heart. Overall the weekend was great, I got to reconnect with old friends and race a great race despite the 7-day-old cold I was battling.

dm-raceHere are my stats from the run:

  • Finished: 2:12:22
    Average Pace: 10:06/mile
  • Overall: 1,962 of 4,375 (45%)
  • Female: 925 of 2,734 (34%)
  • Divison (Female 25-29): 151 of 379 (40%)

This race was about half the size of the Chicago race I ran last month. I was pretty happy with my finish time especially considering being a little under the weather and the huge hill I wasn’t prepared for.

The Journey to Iowa

I left Bloomington on Saturday morning and got to Des Moines about 2 pm. I went straight to the expo to pick up my packet. Jeni, Shelby and I were planning on meeting for dinner at 5, so I had a little time to kill.

My legs were a little stiff from being in the car for 5 hours, so I knew just the place to go: Gray’s Lake. When I lived in Des Moines it was my go-to spot to run. The loop around the lake is 2 miles and the scenery is beautiful. That Saturday was no exception.


cowIt was sprinkling a little, but rain  makes for some of the best running weather. It was beautiful to see the fall colors come through. I even ran into an Iowa cow :).

Gray’s Lake is part of the marathon route, so it was a perfect two mile warm up for the next morning.

My Best Running Buddies

I literally had the best running buddies when I lived in Des Moines. Jeni and Shelby were two of them. I truly miss our lunch runs. We all met up at Centro  (yum!) for dinner and caught everyone up with the story of our lives and how much everything has changed.

After a glass of wine (or 2…or 3..) we decided we better get home and rest for the morning. I stayed with Shelby since she was also running the half in the morning. Jeni was going to be our biggest fan!

The Best Fans

Sunday turned out to be a nice overcast morning. It was a little hot for a run at 70 degrees, but not too bad. Shelby and I made our way downtown and ran most of the run together.

I will seriously say I don’t think I have every had such encouragement and support along a course as we did that morning. Our list of cheerleaders includes Shelby’s husband, John and son, Johnny; Jeni, JD, and Hadley; Josh, Olivia, Nina, and Elise. It was amazing to see all of these wonderful people throughout the course! What amazing friends I have!

We finished strong and after, Olivia and Josh, hosted everyone for Bloodys and Bagels! It was so great to run this race in a city a love surrounded by people I love. Until next time Des Moines!


Keep Running!


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