Run #3: A PR and A Great Cause

My third race of the year was the St. Louis Track Club’s Half Marathon in Clayton, MO. The race benefited the Special Olympics and the Clayton PD. The weather was an amazing 50 degrees (my favorite running weather!) and I ran a PR! My best run of the whole year by far!14925223_10104387646697800_5127337396740824335_n

My stats:

  • Finished: 02:04:49
  • Average pace: 9:31/mile
  • Overall: 329 of 869 (38%)
  • Female: 211 of 371 (57%)
  • Division (Female, 25-29): 28 of 43 (65%)


2:04 – Prior to this race my PR was 2:10 – that means an almost 6 min difference! I can’t believe I blew my PR away by such a huge amount! I felt absolutely amazing the entire race. The weather was amazing and even though there were a lot of hills in Clayton and Forest Park, I tackled them like I never have before. This was my first race of the year I actually wasn’t sick for, so that probably had a lot to do with it too. I have also really switched up my training routine in the past 3 months. Instead of running 4-5 days, following a traditional training schedule, I’ve been going to Crossfit 3-4 times a week and then getting in a long run on the weekend. It seems to really have helped my running.

My lifelong goal has been to run a sub-2 hour half marathon and I’m feeling pretty great about accomplishing that sine this race. Its is right within my reach.

The Race

This race started in Clayton, ran through Forest Park, and then ended in Clayton. This was the most unsafe race I have ever run. They did not shut down any of the streets so there were cars everywhere. At one point in Forest Park a lady came up on a group of runners in her car doing about 40 mph and honking for them to get out of the way. We did not know that it wasn’t a closed course, so that was very dangerous. There were police at major intersections directing traffic, but most of the course was a mess of cars and runners.

I was very lucky this race and had an amazing cheering squad of my mom, dad, sisters (Kelly and Laura), and my Aunt Beth and Uncle Craig. My nephew Beau was also in attendance – it was his first half marathon! It was amazing to share my great run with everyone. I was very emotional when I finished as I knew I had just accomplished a big goal of mine.

I think I hit my sweet spot this race, so I’m hoping that the winter months aren’t too cold. 🙂

See you next month! Keep Running!


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