Run #4: A Snowy Trail Run

Hi everyone!

My 4th run of the year was December 4 is Waukesha, Wisconsin.I saw my first snowfall of the year and although it was pretty for about the first hour of the run, by the end I was ready to get back into the warmth. With that said, I had a pretty good run considering the weather.

My stats:15369991_10104474106821020_8690427659989265032_o

  • Finished: 02:09:08
  • Average pace: 9:51/mile
  • Overall: 194 of 322 (60%)
  • Division (Female, 25-29): 9 of 26 (35%)

Tim and I made the 3.5 hour ride to this Milwaukee suburb for my Sunday morning race. We spent the night before the race hanging out in Milwaukee with a couple of beers (duh! Milwaukee!) and some good Italian food. We then drove about 30 minutes to Waukesha to stay the night.

Waukesha is a very cute town. We said downtown on the main strip of restaurants and bars, which wasn’t the best idea as the party was bumping until 2 in the morning. Which also meant I didn’t get much sleep the night before the race.

The Race

Thankfully, the race started a little later in the morning at 9 a.m. I had been watching the weather all week and knew it was supposed to start snowing early in the morning. We even made a pit stop at a sporting goods store to buy some running traction cleats. Thankfully, the weather started a little later. It wasn’t snowing when I woke up so I decided not to take the cleats.

The start line was about a mile from our hotel, so I took a nice little jog to the start line. I waited inside, in the warmth, until about 10 minutes before the race and by the time I came back outside it had started snowing.

A couple miles in, the snow really started coming down. We ran on a paved trail the whole time, so most of it was clear, but there were a couple of bridges we crossed that got a little slick.

The Running Walter White

At about mile 8, a tall, middle-aged man ran up behind me to ask what my pace was. I told him most likely around 9:45. He joked that he needed to slow down if we were really running that fast. We started chatting and he proceeded to tell me he was a high school science teacher and had just started running that year. We ran and chatted until about milt 11, when I stopped to tie my shoe. I never did get his name, but I supposed I shall always remember him as Walter White, as he slightly resembled the character.

I Did It!

By the time I crossed the finish line there was about 2-3 inches of snow that had fallen. Tim was waiting for me at the finish line all bundled up. We both wanted to get out of the snow as soon as possible. It was a great winter run. Hopefully January in St. Louis will be just as enjoyable!  🙂

Keep Running!


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