A Sub-2 Hour PR

17015748_10104771531599380_7738603525667562623_oHi everyone!

My 6th run of the year was the Cowtown Half Marathon on February 26 in Fort Worth, Texas. My college roommate, Bre, lives in Fort Worth so I decided to take the trip down to Texas and run with her. Turns out it was the best idea ever!

I finally accomplished my lifelong running goal of a sub-2 hour half marathon! I took almost 5 minutes off my previous PR (woah!). Bre also PR’ed so we were two happy campers after this run.


My stats:

  • Finished: 1:57:46
  • Average pace: 8:59/mile
  • Overall: 1,249 of 5,870 (21%)
  • Gender: 394 of 3,313 (12%)
  • Age Group (F 25-29): 72 of 438 (16%)

The weather was a little chilly, but perfect for running – overcast and around 40/50 degrees. There were a lot of people there – much more so than most of the races I’ve been running. The weather is also starting to warm up, so more people are willing to get out and brave the elements.

I wasn’t expecting to PR or even run an especially great run as I had about 5 beers and a lot of pizza the day before. I was ok with that those because these runs are just about the journey for me. My journey to 30. 16903466_10104771593804720_2630674125512367240_o

So I was extremely surprised when at mile 8, when I have my usual mental-break down, I felt great. I felt like I could run 10 more miles. I was watching my watch and at that point knew that a PR was possible for me (2:04). It was at mile 10 when I realized I was going to go for the sub-2 hour time. I just  had to keep up my pace and I would make it, barely. I think that challenged me even more and I picked up the pace. I finished with over 2 minutes ahead of schedule.

At the finish line I, of course, started crying. The only other race I’ve been so emotional was my first marathon. I had paramedics, looking concerned, asking me if I need medical attention. I just waved and said I was just so happy. That got a lot of smiles. 🙂

I guess I now need to make a new “lifelong” running goal now that I achieve what at some point I thought was impossible. But for now I’m looking forward to finishing my last 7 runs this year. Next up, hilly Lake of the Ozarks!

Keep Running!




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