Another Sub-2 :)

Hi everyone!

My 8th run of the year took place in Naperville, IL, where I met my college roommate Ally to run. We joked that back in our college days we would never EVER even consider running more than 1 mile, much less 13.1. Now look at us – running fools. 🙂
18056548_10104966931491430_8269854945637944771_oI had a really great run in at the Naperville Women’s Half Marathon. Here are my stats:

  • Finished: 1:59:20
  • Average pace: 9:06/mile
  • Overall: 312 of 1726 (18%)
  • Division (F 25-29): 40 of 142 (28%)

I drove up to Naperville the day before the race to stay with Ally and her family. We had a great time and went out for pizza and beers the night before, which I have some to realize is the best pre-race meal. I need to make this my go-to from now on. 🙂

I was a little discouraged going into this race, as my last IMG_3130race at the Lake of Ozarks did not go well at all. I did know that this race would be much flatter though, so I was hoping that it would go better – which it did! The weather was a little chilly before the race, but it was perfect for running. The cool weather matched with a basically flat course was a recipe for a great run.

The best part of these runs is all the old friends I have gotten to catch up with and run with. No matter how my run goes, my friends make the trips and reason for the trips (the races:)) worth it. So happy I made this trip!

Keep Running!


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